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How Much Money Do You Need to Retire Comfortably?


Retirement advice of Andrew Kyriacou

According to retirement advice of Andrew Kyriacou whenever we are on a job then with a start there is a corresponding end of that duty. We are not talking about the start and end of the day it’s about the end of your job on your retirement. As you know every organization has some rules and according to these rules, a particular age is set up for each employee. The employees can work only for that stage and after that, they should be retired from the post.

Although some companies may offer some extra time to work for them after the retirement. It happens when the employee is still having good health to work further and the company really need his talent and hard work. Due to these useful reasons they appreciate and offer more time to stay in the post. But this happens on very specific times not everyone gets chance to work longer because of some health issue or any other cause.

Savings and Funds

The retirement advice of Andrew Kyriacou, he discussed the savings and funds that you saved for your retirement. Did you have any plan for saving for your retirement? If not, then it will be a great loss for you in the future and it goes too late when you realize the need and benefits of savings after you got retired. Really it’s a serious term to take into consideration for every people who is near to his retirement. The need for funds will grow when you are in old age and your capability to work also goes low. You are not able to earn well for your increasing expenses.

The age may call many health diseases, weakness and for such conditions, you need more cash to get the facilities. Andrew Kyriacou says in his advice for retirement that the health care services and other hospital charges are becoming too costly and it’s difficult to pay these large bills when your savings are not enough. And it may go worst when you don’t have any savings for the future expenses for all the above services. He is really a caring advisor who clears you why you need these services and how much you need or get in these services.

According to retirement advice of Andrew Kyriacou, You need enough funds that can help you to survive in that age comfortably. Survive means to get all the required services related to Medicare on any other financial need that is necessary for your living. In the retirement advice of Andrew Kyriacou, he suggests that start saving in the early state so that you can save enough money that can satisfy your future needs. The estimate about your saving is up to one million or 1.5 million this means that you have to save approximately 10 times more money than you are earning in the present time on your job. For saving this large amount you can check the following tips given in the retirement advice of Andrew Kyriacou when you are just near to retire.

Estimate your Future Living Costs:

According to retirement advice of Andrew Kyriacou, this is the first step to take into consideration when you are planning to get a saving plan for your retirement. Check what kind of living you want after your retirement this is important to check because you need to save according to your living expenses. When you want to live a simple life it may need lower costs than a luxury living. After estimating your lifestyle chooses a plan that can help you to save funds that can satisfy the needs of your desired lifestyle.

Select a More Valuable Plan:

While choosing the plan read the retirement advices of Andrew Kyriacou. It means to get a professional advice for choosing a good saving plan. Andrew is an expert adviser and he can help you to select a perfect plan that matches your requirements. His suggestion is to invest in a plan that provides you high returns and also save you from going out of money. The plan with low premiums and high returns values is always good for the retiree. For example, the 401k plan can be helpful if you want to save for your retirement. You can get this plan from your company where you are working because it is offered by the organization to its employs during the job.


All the above tips from the retirement advice of Andrew Kyriacou are really helpful for the people who are going to retire soon. The experience of 22 years makes his advice perfect and usable for the people of all age. The devices are different for all his clients according to their needs. If you want to get any suggestion related to your retirement then the retirement advice of Andrew Kyriacou is best options for you.

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