14 Feb

Financial Planning Services by Andrew Kyriacou


Andrew Kyricaou is proud to offer his own expert financial planning advice and tactics for individuals in the Shrewsbury and greater Boston area. With over 20 years of experience at reputable financial firms such as Ernst and Young and Anderson Tax, Andrew Kyriacou is a professional when it comes to handling your money. Robb Report Worth Magazine has named him one of the Top 100 Financial Planners in the United States. When you choose Andrew Kyriacou to aid with your financial goals, you know you’re getting an industry professional you can trust!

Financial Planning

Financial planning is a breakdown of an individual investor’s current financial state of investments and variables and the use of that information to predict future values, income, and assets. The financial goals are laid out by the individual investor and then using current situational analysis, the attainability of the goal can be determined. A number of metrics go into deducting goal attainability such as current net worth and tax liabilities, as well as retirement plans. Each financial plan varies based on the individual’s current financial situation and future goals.

Andrew Kyriacou sits down with his investors one on one and carefully analyzes their current financial situation and listens to the expected goals. Andrew can create a budget designed for your spending habits and needs that will address savings for the future as well. Andrew Kyriacou is an expert at asset allocation and will prepare you for future expenses. The overwhelming majority of financial planners will not take the time to fully understand or value your situation, but Andrew Kyriacou is a financial planner that cares and wants to help you feel more safe and confident with your finances!

Each plan is specifically designed to benefit each individual and allow them to attain their financial goals, whatever they may be. Andrew Kyriacou will design a financial plan that will let you reach your goals, long-term, and short-term. Contact Andrew Kyriacou today for professional financial planning advice!